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SportsGrass Arena  
SportsGrass Arena
Product Specifications

SportsGrass Arena is designed for indoor fields and facilities. Combining short, durable blades with a nylon thatch, SportsGrass Arena is unmatched for performance and durability, which is great for indoor play.

Key Features

  • Made with durable and resilient XP blades
  • Nylon thatch provides support to the blades and stabilizes infill
  • Short, dense construction requires little or no infill
  • Premium backing provides extra protection to the base of the blades, some cushion, and great tuft bind
  • Ideal for indoor sports facilities


  • Yarn Type: Primary: Polyethylene XP slit film
    Secondary: Heat set textured nylon monofilament
  • Yarn Color: Primary: Field green, Secondary: Turf green
  • Yarn Count: Primary: 5,040/1, Secondary: 4,200/8
  • Tufting Construction: Dual yarn, alternating rows
  • Blade Height: 1"
  • Tufting Gauge: 3/16"
  • Face Weight: 58 ounces
  • Total Product Weight: 123 ounces
  • Backing: 3-layer backing with geotex laminate
  • Seaming: Micromechanical bonding
  • Infill: Optional