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Company Profile

Sports are our passion.  Any competitive sport gets the juices flowing. But football? Lookout!  We have played from youth league up through college, we have coached, and yes, we are fans.  There is no feeling quite like a Friday night in a football town. This passion and love for football (and sports in general) is what led us to make the move into the sports field market.
ForeverLawn is an established leader in the turf industry.  We started in the residential and commercial landscape markets.  Shortly thereafter we developed a fall safe system for use under playgrounds.  This was the first turf system to be ASTM 1292 fall safety rated to 12 feet and ADA accessible.  We quickly defined a new market and set the standard.  Next we created the first synthetic grass system developed specifically for dogs.  Again, we created a market and defined a standard of excellence.  ForeverLawn has an established history of unmatched quality, professional installations, and a level of integrity and trust that is uncommon in this industry.
So why sports fields?  Why jump into an existing market rather than create a new one? Oh, that passion!  Raised in Northeast Ohio (arguably one of the greatest football areas in the nation), football and sports are in the blood.  We always wanted to be involved in this industry.  After all, it was the installation of a synthetic field at Mount Union college in 2002 that introduced us to the idea of artificial turf in the first place.
Combine that passion with our desire to offer the absolute highest quality products and installation, and you come up with our entry into the sports field market.  In true ForeverLawn style, we didn’t want to come in with a me-too type of approach.  We wanted to offer something that is easily identifiable as superior.  Enter SportsGrass.  (Visit the product section on this site for more information about our offerings).
Please don’t mistake our relative newness into the sports market for a lack of experience, history or success as a company.  We are an established company with two corporate locations and a proven track record.  We have a network of dealers throughout the USA that enables us to provide a local presence and support in a majority of areas across the country.  We have been in the industry for nine years, with millions of square feet sold and installed.  Yes, we are an experienced company.
We look forward to earning your business and providing your institution with the finest playing surface and installation available.
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