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Better Product, Better Results

The leading-edge technology in SportsGrass is a great fit for your field. The unique construction of our product creates a playing surface second to none. SportsGrass has a natural underfoot feel with great durability and a terrific appearance. Our dense, varied blade structure greatly reduces infill flyout and responds to play like natural grass.

Many other companies take a "me too" approach to sports fields, recycling the same old product with a different label. They offer technology from a previous decade and bury the grass in several pounds of infill. We offer a better product and better results.

Are you buying grass, or are you buying infill?

SportsGrass Revolution  [ PRODUCT SPECS  |  3D VIEW ] SportsGrass Rush  [ PRODUCT SPECS ]

SportsGrass Revolution gives new meaning to the word extreme. Far exceeding expectations, SportsGrass Revolution is taking all-weather sports fields to a new level.


SportsGrass Revolution

SportsGrass Rush offers the benefits of a quality all-weather turf with affordability in mind. With its industry standard urethane backing, this product works well in open field.


SportsGrass Rush
SportsGrass Edge XP  [ PRODUCT SPECS ] SportsGrass Arena  [ PRODUCT SPECS ]

SportsGrass Edge is similar in construction to SportsGrass Max, but designed for applications (such as baseball infields) where a shorter pile is desired.

SportsGrass Edge

SportsGrass Arena is designed for indoor fields and facilities. Combining short, durable blades with a nylon thatch, SportsGrass Arena is unmatched for performance and durability, which is great for indoor play.


SportsGrass Arena